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"Never Take for Granted the Air You Breath"

Limited Edition Lithograph 12 x 9
$150  plus tax & mailing fee

Title: “Never take for granted the air you breathe”  created at the Bob Blackburn Studio in edition of 10.


This image was first created in the 80’s as a mixed media collage then reproduced 2013 as a four-color lithograph.

 The inspiration for this image came from a hand made book I made while living in Wisconsin and raising two children. I often thought about how the world was being damaged by our carelessness and lack of concern for the future of our planet.


With two young children I began to think about what would be left for them and their children. So I made a book entitled “Who will love my babies when the world dies?” which started a series of works that addressed those issue. 


“Never take for granted the T you breathe” spoke to our last frontier on earth, our oceans; it illustrates a woman who now lives in an underwater surreal world because she no longer has air to breathe on land. The original collage was in an exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C as well as part of a catalogue they produced. When I reflect on creating this image in the 80’s and now, realizing it is even more relevant today; I was inspired to revisit it and make a small edition.

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